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Paint Booth Fire Suppression System Requirements

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Price may vary if the booth or stack is modified and if there are obstructions noted by the installer. Monthly and weekly inspections can be conducted by trained people employed by the owner or occupant. The application of flammable finishes to articles or materials by means of spray apparatus. The primary line shall be a dedicated line.

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Aluminum should not be used for structural support members or the walls or ceiling of a spray booth. Spray booths and spraying rooms shall be protected by approved automatic fire extinguishing systems. This system ensures the booth will arrive undamaged and without excessive shipping costs. Become a member of our community.

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We ended up with four more sprinklers in the tunnel and one sprinkler at the top of the filter box. If dissimilar metals are necessary, a dielectric union should be used between the two types of pipes. Paint booth fire suppression system inpsection of nozzles, link lin, detector positions and terminals. United Fire Protection is here to help. In front and back of filters.

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By ensuring that your equipment supplier meets code requirements, and that the distributor who installs and services the booth is familiar with all of the regulations in your area, you can breathe easy.

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    Are You Meeting the Minimum Requirements for Your Paint Booth.


How to Outsmart Your Peers on Paint Booth Fire Suppression System Requirements